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Village Model Overview

Villages are a grassroots effort to address the current and unfolding challenges of an older America.  Originally started in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in 2002, the Village concept arose out of community members’ desire to reside in their own homes while being able to access services that address their changing lifestyles as they aged. At its core, the Village Movement is consumer and customer-driven. See the PBS report on the national village movement.

Created by elders, for elders, the Village has three simple components:  It connects members to vetted, discounted providers and volunteers for any service they might want or need; It offers members healthy living: exercise classes, yoga, tai chi, informal lunches, and discounted home care providers; And it organizes stimulating programs, seminars, and trips with the Village community to support connectedness and friendships.

There are over 190 open Villages and 185 developing Villages across the country that are members of the Village to Village Network.  That translates to 25,000 Village members nationwide, and growing fast!

Each of these Villages are built around several core principles:
  • A mission to help people remain in their community and in their own homes by providing support and enhancing their quality of life
  • Consolidator of services – “one call does it all” concierge service provider
  • Strong consumer investment
  • Self-supporting
  • Strategic partners in the community
  • Focus on the whole person
  • Volunteerism and Civic Engagement
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