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In 2017 Bellingham At Home volunteers spent over 5000 hours assisting members with everything from a damaged fence plank, to rides to the surgeon. We helped members shop for groceries and take much needed social outings. Our book club, classical music club, Lunch Bunch and Gifts of Age interest group connected members in meaningful ways over shared interests. 

It is generosity of time and spirit that animates Bellingham At Home. Experienced villages report that approximately half of their expenses are covered by membership fees. The difference is made up by funding from other sources, including grants and donations.

Your contribution to Bellingham At Home will help us meet the expenses incurred in the course of operation. It helps us cover costs such as those for office equipment, software, advertising, printing, insurance, and part-time staff.

Our Donations link will take you to the Whatcom Council on Aging’s website, where you can make a donation using their secure paypal link. Under “Donate to” list, please select Bellingham At Home. 

Donate Securely through Whatcom Council on Aging

The Whatcom Council on Aging is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Bellingham At Home is one of their programs.