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Elaine's Story:

I recently had a knee replacement. After coming home from the hospital, I knew that my husband would be busy getting meals and helping me with personal care. Unable to drive to my physical therapy, I arranged to have friends take me to and pick me up from appointment. The Whatcom Transit Authority van was another excellent option. Laundry is something that could be easily be sent out, so a dear friend offered take our dirty laundry and return it clean and folded. Wow, did I wish Bellingham at Home was available to us during the time of recovery. I know that when Bellingham at Home is up and running, one phone call is all it will take to get the help needed during the few weeks following any other medical procedure. Serving on the Leadership Council for Bellingham at Home, I am working on the plans to launch services in late spring 2016. Bellingham at Home is for anyone who can use a little help from time to time. Volunteering is a rewarding experience.
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Maxine's Story:

A few years ago, just after having moved into my home, I tripped and fell while getting out of the bathtub.  The worst of it was that I fractured my shoulder.  I was in constant pain for a year, which made me unable to do the many things I needed to care for myself and do my housework. Because I was unable to drive, I wasn't able to get groceries.  Being new to my neighborhood, I hadn't, yet, established a network of neighbors that I felt comfortable calling on for help.  Now that I have learned about Bellingham at Home, I can see that it would have been an option for me then and I would have become a member so Bellingham at Home volunteers could have helped me to shop for groceries, taken me to medical appointments, and helped with household chores, while I was recovering from shoulder injury. Now I am volunteering on the Membership Task Force so that Bellingham at Home will be there for all of us in the future.

To join, go to the Membership Application page.    To volunteer, see the Volunteer Application page.